Staff Well-being Programmes


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There is no question that the education and care sectors are committed to working as hard as ever to support children and young people, however the environments they are working in can be challenging. They are operating in a climate of limited resource; the impact of austerity, the long hours, the increase in workload and pressure and lack of work life balance can often become to wearing. Unfortunately, this is also increasing absenteeism, staff turnover and presenteeism, which in turn can have a negative impact on the well-being and performance of children.

Prioritising staff happiness at work has led to a marked improvement in school’s Ofsted grade and the education and care sectors are now encouraged to appoint a staff mental health lead or champion who is responsible for coordinating the approach to staff mental well-being. However, the problem of low levels of well-being and its impact on performance persists when these well-being leads are not given guidance and advice on how to tackle such a prevalent yet sensitive issue.

Our Business Psychologist and Mental Health First Aider can work with well-being leads, school leaders or managers in identifying the root cause of low-level well-being and the impact this could be having on performance. Through a range of comprehensive assessments, our clients will be provided with a detailed report providing advice on recommended changes to increase staff well-being at work.

The research and depth of reporting can be as detailed as our clients require, and the programme will be tailored to their individual needs. We can also be at hand to support our clients throughout making any necessary changes.

Our staff well-being programmes have shown to improve staff engagement and motivation, work life balance and well-being as well as value and recognition and communication across the workplace.