Personnel Search, Assessment & Selection


Maze Recruitment Group, finding you the right path

Maze Recruitment Group understands that the success of an organisation lies in the hands of the people they hire, but finding the right candidates with the right skills, knowledge and experience who share the same vision and ethos is getting harder and harder.

Making the wrong hire can have a negative impact on staff morale, productivity and of course time and money. The logistical cost of replacing an employee incorporates expenditure such as advertising costs and agency fees, as well as invested time such as interviewing prospective candidates. On average a business will spend £5,433 on logistical costs so getting it right first time is more crucial than ever.

In order to avoid the costly mistake of making the wrong hire, Maze Recruitment Group can work with you to create a more rigorous and robust search and selection process using some of the following interventions, that can produce tangible benefits in terms of job performance and productivity.

  • Psychometric testing
  • Job Analysis
  • Competency based interviews
  • Critical Incident technique
  • Repertory Grid
  • Profiling systems
  • Development of Structured Interviews and Competency Base Questioning


To offer an affordable service to all clients with fair and competitive pay to all candidates. We’re considered a ‘consultancy’ with a difference; not only with an ethical
approach to recruitment and a strong moral obligation to clients and candidates alike, but to also offer a range of niche services which promote our goal in developing stronger relationships with those we provide services for and to support health and well-being among those we work with.