Creating Well-being Through A Positive Workplace


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Creating a positive climate within your workplace is the foundation of well-being and performance based on the principles of commitment, trust, engagement, and effective management of behaviour. A workplace climate is made up of ethos, culture and a core set of values and is essential to developing good relationships and positive behaviours throughout the workplace and across the wider community.

A negative climate can contribute to high staff turnover, low morale and poor communication which can have a detrimental effect on staff and performance.

A positive climate on the other hand improves team work, raises morale, increases productivity and efficiency, reduces stress and enhances retention of staff, job satisfaction, commitment, collaboration and performance; which can only have a positive impact on staff and performance.

Maze Recruitment Group supports clients by focusing on the approaches and steps required to build an environment based on shared values, belief systems, attitudes and a clear set of assumptions which will build a positive workplace climate to increase well-being and performance of staff.


To offer an affordable service to all clients with fair and competitive pay to all candidates. We’re considered a ‘consultancy’ with a difference; not only with an ethical
approach to recruitment and a strong moral obligation to clients and candidates alike, but to also offer a range of niche services which promote our goal in developing stronger relationships with those we provide services for and to support health and well-being among those we work with.