Positive Mindset

It’s become a well-known fact that the world of teaching and education has changed drastically over the last decade and one of the biggest stressors is the overwhelming number of tasks and responsibilities SLT, teachers and support staff must contend with daily. It’s easy to lose sight of why you became a teacher in the first place when your role becomes more and more data driven. We see it all the time; talented teachers being crushed under an overly formulaic approach to teaching.

So, it’s important now more than ever to cultivate a positive mindset and retain the passion that encouraged you to teach in the first place. 

The world may not change in the way we want it to, but we can change our mindset and how we perceive the world in order to cope. 

A quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer has become one of my many mantras in life…

“Change The Way You Look at Things and The Things You Look at Change

When you change the way you see the world, when your intentions are positive and powerful, when you search only for the good, then you can transform your life. After all, anything and everything in life are all up to interpretation. In other words, there is no such thing as reality; you create your reality with the thoughts you think and your perception of the world.

The mind is so powerful that your mindset can affect your health, your performance on cognitive and physical challenges, your ability to relate to others and how they perceive you, and ultimately your life outcomes.

A positive mindset will help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals. 

A Few Tips on How we can Adopt a Positive Mindset…

Your Mindset is a Choice.

You always have a choice. Mindsets are powerful beliefs, but they’re just something in your mind, and you can always change your mind. 

If you Believe your Day will be Good, then your Mindset and Attitude will Mirror this.

The type of Karma we often think of can be understood as cause and effect. The law of cause and effect means we have the power to determine what happens to us. We can become better at avoiding making bad causes and in turn reducing the number of negative effects. 

You can become wholly responsible for everything in your life because you have the power to create havoc in your life (bad Karma) just as much as you have the power to create the opposite (good Karma). Everything, in other words, is up to you.

Know Your WHY and Focus on it. 

Your WHY is a statement of why you do the job you do, why you live the lifestyle you live and make the choices you make. When you know your WHY you know your life’s purpose and it becomes easier to focus on where you are going, what matters the most in your life, and what decisions are aligned with your goal. It makes you committed and passionate about your goals and you’re less likely to become derailed.

Make the Adjustments.

Face your current reality, flip it with positivity, commit to habits that will support both you and others, and revisit your WHY routinely to remain grounded in truth. Make the adjustments needed to hold on to a positive mindset.

Set Ambitious Goals.

Goal setting can give you purpose, having a purpose is a pillar to achieving psychological well-being. You will begin to see challenges as opportunities and will have the confidence to reach your goals. 

Creative Positive Habits. 

Habits help us decompress and create routines which develop environments for reliability (Merriam-Webster, 2011). Environments for reliability can lead you towards the person you want to be and create an optimistic outlook in both your personal and professional life.

Control the Controllables.

Somethings are out of our control and therefore not worth the time and effort spent worrying about them. Sometimes by trying to control our expectations, we are also death gripping on an outcome that may not be reasonable. We can’t control what has happened in the past, we can’t control what other people do or what happens in the world around us. But you can control your efforts, your attitude, and your actions as they are driven by your  personal values and your beliefs and thoughts. When we control the controllable, we take an active and engaged focus on how we are shaping our future. We can control the level of passion and effort we bring to the various situations we are in. Focus on what is in your control and don’t sweat the small stuff, learn to let it go.

Final Note….

Hopefully this blog has given you food for thought and has motivated you to focus on adopting a positive mindset, but if you’re sat there thinking… “what if” or “I’ve tried that”, or “that doesn’t work for me”, “it’s different for you” … these are just limiting beliefs holding you back. Remember we are up against our most difficult challenge to date in education. Without adopting a positive mindset or remembering your WHY, you will not be able to focus on the what and the how of teaching and learning. 

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Best of luck!