Maze Recruitment Group adheres to the DBS Code of Practice which can be viewed here.

Every candidate accepted for registration as a Temporary Worker with Maze Recruitment Group must have a current and valid enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS certificate). This certificate must be valid to the Child Workforce. If the candidate is to work with vulnerable adults, the DBS certificate must be valid to both the Child and Adult Workforces. Every applicant is informed of the requirement for an enhanced disclosure certificate (DBS certificate) in the first vetting conversation, and on the application form which is completed as a mandatory requirement of the registration process.

In line with the APSCo Compliance+ guidance, all DBS certificates presented to Maze Recruitment Group are checked every 12 weeks, via the Update Service, to ensure that the DBS certificate sighted by Maze Recruitment Group is current. It is therefore strongly recommended that all candidates have a current subscription with the DBS Update Service.

Maze Recruitment Group will therefore accept enhanced DBS certificates valid for the child workforce (and the adult work force, if applicable) as follows:

  • Maze Recruitment Group has obtained the certificate for you and it was issued within the last 12 months, and on the understanding that it will be checked using the Update Service every 12 weeks from the date of issue noted on the DBS certificate. If an Update Service check cannot be undertaken 12 weeks from the date of issue, a new DBS certificate will need to be obtained.
  • Another agency or employer has obtained the certificate for you, and it can be verified by an Update Service check. If an Update Service check cannot be undertaken, a new DBS certificate will need to be obtained.
  • The original of the DBS certificate must be presented at the candidate’s registration interview. DBS certificates become invalid if the candidate has a gap of three months or more in education-based employment (excluding the 6 week summer break for schools). In these circumstances a new disclosure certificate must be obtained if the current certificate cannot be verified by the candidate’s subscription to the Update Service.
  • Maze Recruitment Group must sight the original copy of the DBS certificate, unless the DBS certificate has been obtained through Maze Recruitment Group’s GBG online Disclosure system which has confirmed that the DBS certificate is clear. Maze Recruitment Group does not accept scanned or photocopied copies of DBS certificates.

A company risk assessment is conducted on all DBS certificates which contain information, to ascertain whether or not the candidate is suitable for placement in an education or care setting. DBS certificates and the information they contain are shared only with those who need to have access to them in the course of their duties and not passed to any third-party persons not authorised to receive them.

Every candidate will be advised to carry the DBS certificate to each assignment to assist the record keeping of client schools and nurseries. Maze Recruitment Group recommends that the candidate shows the school their DBS certificate; Maze Recruitment Group also shares with clients where you are undertaking a placement the date of issue, reference number and any matters of note recorded on the certificate.

As far as possible, Maze Recruitment Group will make sure recipients of DBS certificate information do not discriminate against an applicant on the basis of information contained on the certificate. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position and applicants can be assured that information contained on the DBS certificate will not be used unfairly. Any matters revealed on the DBS certificate will be discussed with the applicant before full acceptance of registration with Maze Recruitment Group. The decision to decline the applicant will be made at senior level and will be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

DBS certificates are stored securely in each office in accordance with DBS storage policies. The date of issue and unique reference number for DBS certificates are recorded on the secure database.

Maze Recruitment Group will co-operate with requests from the Disclosure and Barring Service to undertake assurance checks as to the proper use and safekeeping of DBS certificate information and will report to the DBS any suspected malpractice in relation to this Code of Practice or any suspected offences in relation to the misuse of DBS certificate information